Concentr8 Klay-Malibu C


Concentr8 Klay
Concentr8 Klay
Malibu C


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  • Product Details
  • The Concentr8 Klay is a unique, one of a kind product that stays with the philosophy of Malibu C, it plays nice with everyone. The Concentr8 Klay can be used with the pigments in a new color technique or it can be added to any traditional bleach/lightener to make it a Klay based balayage lightener. This allows the stylist to continue using their favorite lightener for balayage and eliminates the need for two lighteners in the salon.
    Klay painting consists of mixing Concentr8 pigments with water and a small amount of Concentr8 Klay. This creates a chalky feeling liquid. Applied to dry hair allows a stylists to add sections of colour without the need of rinsing out. Quick easy add on service.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Adds Color longevity when added to color formula - Concentr8 Klay can also be used in a traditional bleach converting bleach to a Klay bleach. Keeps stylist from inventorying two separate bleaches.
    - Klay Painting-allows stylist to color without the use of water in a short amount of time.
    - Klay added to colour solution provides a new technique for stylists to create color in an unprecedented manner
    - Klay painting will allow stylist to color in certain situations without the use of water in a short amount of time


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