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Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer
Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer


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  • Product Details
  • Morgan Taylor is the crème de la crème, the world's most exclusive nail lacquer developed by professionals for you. The brand's unique spectrum is designed to remove all barriers to color expression. Morgan Taylor's creative palette knows no bounds, ranging from the classical to avant-garde and from subtle to unconditionally spectacular.

    Inspired by luminous pearls, raw gems, semi-precious stones, glimmering silvers and radiant gold all drawn from the earth. The exclusive Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer is infused with rare and precious elements. All pigments are saturated, pure and finely milled for luminous metallics, never seen before shimmers, decadent crèmes, stunning sheers and more glistening glitters. The payoff—smooth, even, long-lasting color with a gorgeous professional finish.
  • How To Use
  • Apply Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer Base Coat then with your choice of Morgan Taylor Professional Lacquer shade apply, two thin coats. Finish the manicure by applying Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer Top Coat.
  • Features and Benefits
  • Enhance your creativity with a brand-new range of colors that cannot be found anywhere else. Morgan Taylor’s boundary breaking lacquers are perfect for expressing every mood, attitude and personal style. With imagination, selection and performance like this, your clients will fall in love with color again and again.

    - Custom-Designed Bottle engineered to fit like no other and weighted for a more comfortable, balanced feel.
    - Ergonomic Cap designed for optimum application speed and comfort.
    - Exclusive Brush the ultra-fine bristle allows for a smooth and even application that covers the entire nail bed with fewer and more precise strokes.
    - Deeper, Clear Italian Glass Base allows light to enter, revealing more authentic color.
  • Ingredients
  • In our commitment to the professional and as a worldwide leader in the nail industry we recognize the importance of a globally compliant nail lacquer that is free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP.


"An attention getting color. Really very pretty!"
- Sandi, Apr 27, 2015
Hot Color!
"I believe this is a beautiful for all skin tones."
- Jamie, Jan 14, 2016
A Royal Color
"Invitation Only. I love this!"
- Jamie, Jan 14, 2016
Beautiful Color!
"I believe Hot Hot Tamale will look beautiful on all skin tones."
- Jamie, Jan 14, 2016
"An attention-gettting color. Really very pretty."
- Sandi, Jan 14, 2016
"I love this product"
- Bob, Jan 14, 2016
Love Love Love
"Im totally in Love with this is the prettiest I have every seen...highly recommend!"
- ally, Jan 26, 2016
Beautiful Nail Polish!
"I love this bottle of MT Bronzed & Beautiful polish. Goes on easy. Used one coat plus top coat and its gorgeous."
- MissouriGirl, Jan 26, 2016
"three coats still streaky don''t like it"
- Anonymous, Jan 26, 2016
"I love this product"
- Bob, Jan 28, 2016
Love Love Love
"Im totally in Love with this is the prettiest I have every seen...highly recommend!"
- ally, Feb 2, 2016
Beautiful Nail Polish!
"I love this bottle of MT Bronzed & Beautiful polish. Goes on easy. Used one coat plus top coat and its gorgeous."
- MissouriGirl, Feb 2, 2016
"three coats still streaky dont like it"
- Anonymous, Feb 2, 2016
Thumbs down
""three coats still streaky dont like it""
- Anonymous, Aug 2, 2016
Love This Nail Lacquer
""I love this bottle of MT Bronzed & Beautiful polish. Goes on easy. Used one coat plus top coat and its gorgeous.""
- MissouriGirl, Aug 2, 2016
Love it!
""Im totally in Love with this is the prettiest I have every seen...highly recommend!""
- ally, Aug 2, 2016
It Rocks!
""I love this product""
- Bobbi, Aug 2, 2016
Soft and lovely
"I love this shade"
- Bobbi, Aug 16, 2016
Prettiest I've Ever Seen!
"Im totally in Love with this is the prettiest I have every seen...highly recommend!"
- Ally, Aug 16, 2016
Love it!
"I love this bottle of MT Bronzed & Beautiful polish. Goes on easy. Used one coat plus top coat and its gorgeous."
- MissouriGirl, Aug 16, 2016
You may be able to work it better than I could
"three coats still streaky dont like it"
- Anonymous, Aug 16, 2016
A Beautiful Purple!
"Perfect fall color with a purple, mulberry color. Great 2 coat application for gorgeous nails."
- NailLover, Aug 16, 2016
So Pretty for Fall
"Beautiful beige with more orange and a little pink. Luscious formula that is lovely with 2 coat application."
- NailLover, Aug 16, 2016
This is Gorgeous!
"Kind of like a beige, pinkie orange. Beautiful 2 coat application."
- NailLover, Aug 16, 2016
I love Morgan Taylor
"I love Morgan Taylor nail polishes. They last longer than other brands I've tried. This is a really pretty color. It's very light and shimmery."
- Tammy, May 3, 2018
Diamonds are a girl's best friend!!
"I love Adorned in Diamonds. Not a dark color for my nails and has the added sparkle for an evening out. Not a gaudy color. Really a subtle color. Love it!!"
- Aunt B, May 3, 2018
You will love this color!
"I love this product. It goes well over other colors and beautifully enhancing any color nail polish."
- Alicia, May 3, 2018
A perfect topcoat over natural nails!
"A perfect topcoat over natural nails!"
- Sheila, May 3, 2018
Love This!
"Love this color! I also love the application of Morgan Taylor polish."
- Jody, May 3, 2018
My two fav colors in one!
"Who's That Girl is definitely my favorite shimmery polish. It shifts from purple to copper and goes on opaque in just two coats!"
- Kate, May 3, 2018
Love This!
"Love this color! I also love the application of Morgan Taylor polish."
- Jody, May 3, 2018
Rose gold to match your iPhone
"No Way Rosé is a metallic finish polish that sparkles on the nail. It is a true rose gold that matches jewelry and is one of the loveliest colors in person. With proper prep, this color lasts at least seven days and will bring in tons of compliments!"
- Ashley, May 3, 2018
Fav year round color
"Once on the nail this looks like a metallic copper with a rose shimmer and is such a beautiful color! I love wearing it year round and it goes with everything!"
- Jenna, May 3, 2018
Quality of polish and brand endorsement
"Love love love this brand of polish ! Unlike any brand that I've bought from drugstores and ulta beauty etc. always have the colors that I love and not to mention the color are very pigmented so you don't need to apply ten coats like most other polishes to get the color that's inside the bottle ! Last me about 1 to 2 weeks ! I work in water all day and it doesn't chip easy what so ever ! Great brand with great quality !!"
- Shea, May 3, 2018
Nail Polish
"I have fallen in love with this line, it's now my go to nail Polish. Drys quick, the shine alone is worth it and not to forget it last longer than any other nail Polish line I've used. And I'm Polish A Holic!"
- Somer, May 3, 2018
Great polish
"This polish is chip resistant. Longer lasting polish for manicures and pedicures! Can't go wrong with this trendy shade of purple."
- Heather, May 3, 2018
Beautiful pearly purple
"This color is amazing! It shifts from a pearly purple color to a kind of khaki color in certain lights and angles! Four stars because sometimes it's a little streaky, but usually a good top coat will take that away for me!"
- Karla, May 3, 2018
Sparkle sparkle!
"This is my all time fave polish for a night out! So sparkly, but dark and sexy. My go to for a girls night out."
- Hannah, May 3, 2018
So beautiful!
"Under the Stars has a dark blue jelly that is filled with tons of holographic glitter in various sizes and it looks beautiful in any light, but really stands out great in the sun!"
- Marissa, May 3, 2018
Great Color!
"Beautiful winter color! Love love love it!"
- Julie, May 3, 2018
Perfect sparkle
"This polish has just the right amount of sparkle. Perfect for every day or even special occasion."
- Janine, May 3, 2018
Sparkles + Pink = Perf
"I love this color. I'll wear it over a nude polish to make the color stand out a little more, but it's just as awesome worn alone. Two coats look great, but if you add a third your nails will be shimmering like crazy - just the way I like them."
- Clarissa, May 3, 2018
The name doesn't lie!
"This color's name is no joke! Mauve is a must have color for this fall and Morgan Taylor's is the perfect shade, not too pink, not too purple! Not to mention it didnt chip at all the first couple days! (which is saying a lot coming from a hair stylist with hands constantly in the shampoo bowl) 5 stars!"
- Caroline, May 3, 2018
love it!
"I chose this polish in place of my usual pink and was really happy w/ how it turned out. It's soft, but still stands out. Great shade to use year 'round."
- Krystie, May 3, 2018
Bring on the bubble gum and let's paint nails! Everyone loves bright summer toes.,
"Bring on the bubble gum and let's paint nails! Everyone loves bright summer toes!"
- Sheila, May 3, 2018
classy color for you!
"Now you can get access to the same nail polish used in upscale salon all over the world! Love this rich,beautiful,and vibrant color! Take your nails to next level!"
- Samantha, May 3, 2018
my new fave coral
"Looks so pretty on! It's a thick polish, which is nice bc you don't need as many coats. Love it, especially for a pedi."
- Martha, May 3, 2018
"I love not only this brand of nail polish, but this beautiful summer color. It's very bright and bold for summer or spring. It's long lasting and goes on very smooth. Plus, you only need a couple coats!"
- Breanne, May 3, 2018
"I love this intense color. Great for all ages. It even goes with every outfit!"
- Janine, May 3, 2018
the perfect red pink!
"I love old school cool wonder woman, this color totally takes me there! I love this!"
- Samantha, May 3, 2018
Beautiful shine for curls
"Such a cool color! Stays on well and I always get compliments!"
- Alyssa, May 3, 2018
fall color !
"Perfect color for fall. Love the deep shade. its very opaque!"
- Reem, May 3, 2018
Such a cool color
"Seal the Deal has a wine-colored base with fine golden/bronze and pink glitter that sparkles beautifully in any light!"
- Tawnya, May 3, 2018
Perfect pastel purple polish
"The Morgan Taylor polish, Invitation Only, is the perfect spring color! The polish requires two-three coats, but looks perfect when finished with a top coat!"
- Maison, May 3, 2018
Best polish
"Subtle purple tone with sparkles. I like applying 2 coats. Looks gorgeous when finished"
- Janine, May 3, 2018
Great fall color
"This is a great color for fall. It really grabs attention!"
- Kristina, May 3, 2018
Stunning shade!
"New York State of Mind is a beautiful black jelly base with lots of pink, blue and purple glitter that goes on opaque in two coats for me! Seriously so stunning."
- Felicia, May 3, 2018
Perfect Transitional Color
"Who doesn’t love a color they can wear all fall and transition right into winter? This Bronzed and Beautiful shade of nail lacquer by Morgan Taylor has the rich, warm undertones of fall, with the metallic, sparkly fun of the holidays! And as usual, it has Morgan Taylor quality! Long lasting and easy to apply in shiny, even coats. This is also a fun accent nail color if you’re feeling a little shy about the boldness."
- Geah, May 3, 2018
Rodarte Nails
"This gorgeous gold metallic was the shade that the lead manicurist used for the cuticle design for the nails at the Rodarte show at New York Fashion Week. It goes on like a dream and lasts up to 10 days with the React topcoat."
- Ashley, May 6, 2018
Dark and mysterious
"One of the featured shades in The Blonds Spring Summer 2017 runway show, Latte Please is a deep brown coffee color creme finish. Excellent wear and the brush is top notch."
- Ashley, May 6, 2018
"Simply Spellbound is a fantastic base for a tonal French manicure, or as a pretty milky nude color for clients who like an "everyday" color. Used behind the scenes at NYFW at The Blonds SS17 show."
- Ashley, May 6, 2018
"Simply Spellbound is a fantastic base for a tonal French manicure, or as a pretty milky nude color for clients who like an "everyday" color. Used behind the scenes at NYFW at The Blonds SS17 show."
- Ashley, May 6, 2018
Beautiful color
"Great eggplant creme color. Lasts two or more weeks."
- Barb, May 6, 2018
Beautiful color
"Great eggplant creme color. Lasts two or more weeks."
- Barb, May 6, 2018
Unusual mani color that is the new neutral
"Warm toned bronze - Pumps or Cowboy Boots is a deep-earth toned creme finish polish. Seen on the runway at The Blonds SS17 show at New York fashion week, this is a color that looks luxurious on the nail."
- Ashley, May 6, 2018
Hot deep coral!
"Perfect for fall especially if you love the bright coral colors of summer. Deeper more it."
- Jennifer, May 6, 2018
Hot color!
"Love this color. Sultry eggplant...nice and rich and shiny looking. Bold and says a statement."
- Jennifer, May 6, 2018
Morgan Taylor does it again!
"This is a great Satin red color that is great for fall definitely in season!"
- Samantha, May 6, 2018
Love this!
"Creamy, natural long lasting sheer color. Perfect for every day."
- Jenine, May 6, 2018
Perfect nude
"Spot on nude color, matches perfectly for me."
- Xun, May 6, 2018
The name says it all.
"This color is just like the name says, so charming! I always get compliments on it when I wear this color!"
- Hannah, May 6, 2018
Morgan Taylor does it again!
"This is a great Satin red color that is great for fall definitely in season!"
- Samantha, May 6, 2018
Pretty in Pink
"The perfect pale pink to top off your French manicure or as a sheet hint of colour when you want to keep it simple."
- Candice, May 6, 2018
New fav neutral
"I am a huge neutral nails person, and Sugar Fix is seriously perfect for me. It's hard to tell from this picture, but once on the nail the polish is a light pink with pink shimmer and a tiny hint of blue shimmer in some light. So cute!"
- Caitlyn, May 6, 2018
super cute!
"Love this color goes great with pale skin tone, and warm skin tones!"
- Samantha, May 6, 2018
"Great shade of pink .perfect for all year long!I love it"
- Reem, May 6, 2018
Cute, creamy pink
"Make Me Blush is a light, bright pink creme that looks beautiful against bronzed skin! I'll be wearing it all summer for sure!"
- Kelsie, May 6, 2018
Soft and beautiful
"Nice soft pink for those who want a more subtle look."
- Alisa, May 6, 2018
Perfect polish
"This chip resistant longer lasting polish is the perfect shade for manicures and pedicures. Dries faster than most polishes and has unbeatable shine. Does not dry out the nail."
- Heather, May 6, 2018
The best light pink
"New Romance is my go-to pink. It literally goes with everything and lasts forever! Four stars just because it can sometimes be a little streaky with two coats and I need to put on 3."
- Renate, May 6, 2018
super cute!
"Super cute and girly polish it's like you're bringing your manicurist home!"
- Samantha, May 6, 2018
Great color for any time of the year
"This polish is a great nude/sand color, it goes with anything. It's a great color for any time of the year. I typically pair this the the cnd vinylux weekly top coat to make it lasts without chipping. I love Morgan Taylor polishes, they go on smooth, last for awhile, and have a variety of fun colors."
- Andrea, May 6, 2018
Pretty pink
"Love this nail polish. Goes on so smooth. Very pretty shade of pink."
- Julie, May 6, 2018
Bright pink color
"Beautiful color, long lasting and pigment covers. It isn't sheer or too thin. Perfect polish and beautiful hot pink color."
- Robin, May 6, 2018
Perfect pink for summer
"Prettier in Pink is a bright pink creme I wear nonstop in the summer. To mix it up or for a night out, I'll throw some Glitter & Gold on top and get tons of compliments on the mixture!"
- Lila, May 6, 2018
Great on fair skin!
"Great on fair skin!"
- Sheila, May 6, 2018
Wizard of oz
"If you're looking for Dorothys ruby red shoe color then look no further. I absolutely love this red polish"
- Jenine, May 6, 2018
Not bad!
"Great polish! Stayed pretty chip free for majority of my wear!"
- Kaitlyn, May 6, 2018
Nice light conditioner for normal hair
"Very deep red. Beautiful color. Love the look for fall and winter."
- Shayne, May 6, 2018
Love Morgan Taylor polish!
"My clients love all of the Morgan Taylor polishes. They last and are beautiful colors. This is one of my personal favorites!"
- Krista, May 6, 2018
Perfect Dark Color
"This is one of the best dark burgundies/oxbloods I've ever tried. Perfect for fall/winter and anytime you're feeling dark."
- Kristina, May 6, 2018
"One of my favorite nail polish brands. This color is one of my favorites from there! It's a more neutral color so it goes with a lot!"
- Breanne, May 6, 2018
Love it!
"This color goes on a little darker than the picture, but it goes on lovely. This is also one of the longest lasting polishes I have ever tried! So in love with Morgan Taylor, I want to buy all of the colors!"
- ABomb, May 6, 2018
Favorite Fall Color!
"Every fall I look for the darkest purple (that doesn't show up as black on my nails) I can find! This color does not disappoint. Perfect deep tone and with a good top coat it won't chip for days! Would definitely recommend."
- Caroline, May 6, 2018
Fabulous polish
"I love this color! It's great for any season. Leaves a beautiful shine without a top coat and with a top coat it looks like a gel Polish. Long lasting, quick dry and gorgeous this Polish line is my favorite!"
- Somer, May 6, 2018
Love this color
"Long lasting and matches my Gelish no chip manicure. This color is bright yet elegant."
- Kristi, May 6, 2018
Nice color
"I like Morgan Taylor polish for my toes in a bright color. I like how they match the Gelish brand colors so your feet and hands can match."
- Ann, May 6, 2018
Soft enough for bridal parties, even on girls with short nails!
"Soft enough for bridal parties, even on girls with short nails!"
- Sheila, May 6, 2018
Best nail polish!
"Morgan Taylor is the best I have used! I actually have this color on my nails now. It has lasted a while without chipping! Also, the smell of these nail polishes are not bad, that's important to me. I definitely recommend this line of nail polishes to everyone!"
- Brandy, May 6, 2018
Metallic for all seasons
"Morgan Taylor Metaling Around is one of the marquis shades used at The Blonds runway show at NYFW Spring season! I love using this color on all skin tones."
- Ashley, May 6, 2018
Edgy grey shimmer!
"I love wearing this color out at night with my black leather jacket. On the nail, it's a gunmetal grey shimmer-not necessarily sparkly, but has just enough shimmer to shine in dark lighting!"
- Bekkah, May 6, 2018
"Favorite glitter polish ever. Thick so you don't have to use so many coats."
- Monica, May 6, 2018
One of my favs
"Wear it a lot! It matches a wide range of colors and styles. It stays on really well and it's my fav!"
- Heather, May 6, 2018
Goes with everything!
"Dress Code is a sort of greige creme with a light, lavender undertone on the nail. Goes with everything and lasts forever!"
- Lauren, May 6, 2018
One of my favorite polish colors of all time
"Chain Reaction is a gorgeous metallic with a long-lasting finish. This color was used for The Blonds runway shows for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Looks amazing on fingers and toes."
- Ashley, May 6, 2018
Best edgy polish
"Chain reaction is definitely my favorite polish to put on before going out. Once on the nail, it's sort of like a metallic silver, but with the perfect mix of shimmery glitter. Love it!"
- Cara, May 6, 2018
Great quality
"Morgan Taylor nail polishes are great quality. They have high color pigment and the consistency gives great coverage with two coats."
- Times, May 6, 2018
"Super pretty! I love it's softness and subtle sparkle/shimmer. I think it'd be perfect for a wedding or special occasion. Gives you a clean look. I gave it four stars though b/c I'm not sure if I would wear it all the time as I usually favor polishes without sparkle/shimmer."
- Daisy, May 6, 2018
One of the best silver metallics - EVER
"Could Have Foiled Me is a true silver metallic polish. The finish and longevity of this polish are top notch. Seen on New York fashion week runways, this color has amazing payoff"
- Ashley, May 6, 2018
Pleasantly surprised
"I was worried that this polish would show all my ridges and bumps on my nail like a lot of finishes usually do, but it actually covered really well! It's sort of a chrome silver once on the nail and goes on nice and smooth."
- Tabitha, May 6, 2018
Always my birthday!
"This is THE perfect nude! I am such a fan of nude polishes and this is by far my favorite. It lasts long and is great for any time of the year!!"
- Hannah, May 6, 2018
My new favorite nude!
"I get in ruts with my nail color and this will be my new go-to nude. This is the first Morgan Taylor I've used and love it. It goes on smoothly and lasts!"
- Meghan, May 6, 2018
The perfect nude!
"I love this nude color on my nails. The color brushes on nicely and doesn't create those little bubbles that ruin my manicure. I'll wear this color again and again!"
- Ava, May 6, 2018
"Love the color of this polish. It has has hints of multiple different beautiful colors. I love using it as a sheer coat of glitter over a color and just as a solid color coat. There are so many options with this beautiful glitter color, and it lasts and doesn't chip!"
- Breanne, May 6, 2018
so many compliments!
"This nail polish sparkles as much as my engagement ring! It's the perfect glitter polish that looks awesome with white and black undercoats, and even on its' own. I get more compliments when I wear this nail polish than I have in my entire life."
- Cary, May 6, 2018
Best gold glitter polish!
"I've searched high and low for an amazing gold glitter nail polish with the right amount of glitter and the perfect sized glitter pieces. This is perfect on it's own (2 coats) or on top of any nail colour (1 light coat). I finish mine off with a clear top coat for that extra shine."
- Giz, May 6, 2018
Love love love
"I love wearing this polish with a navy or black undercoat and the gold speckles shine perfectly with just one coat of color! I was surprised by how awesome it looks on it's own with just two coats too! I get tons of compliments on this color and it seriously lasts forever."
- Carmen, May 6, 2018
Go-to Fall Neutral
"If you're looking for a neutral nail polish color to wear for fall, On the Fringe is a great choice! You won't feel like your nails are clashing with your outfit which means you can wear this color for days in a row. If I'm gentle with my hands, I can get a full week without having to do a touch up. As always, Morgan Taylor polishes are easy to apply and the color is super pigmented so you don't need multiple coats!"
- Yeah, May 6, 2018
In love
"I absolutely love this color, I love this brand , it's long lasting and has never chipped on me. I let a family member use it and almost didn't get it back lol"
- Patrice, May 6, 2018
Love it!
"Long lasting, doesn't chip, & has beautiful shades. Would definitely recommend."
- Taylor, May 6, 2018
"This is the best nail polish I have ever used. After applying this nail polish, I am receiving more compliments then ever before!"
- Fancy, May 6, 2018
Love it!
"It's always so hard to pick out Morgan Taylor colors-I want them all! But I'm so happy I chose Lost in Paradise. This color is sort of a blue green, but once on the nail it appears to be just a tad more green than it looks in the bottle. So, if you love green polish, I definitely recommend grabbing this green creme color. Two coats gave me perfect coverage!"
- Sam, May 6, 2018
Beautiful color!
"This color is so bright and pretty and not only that it lasts a reasonably amount of time!"
- Breanne, May 6, 2018
Must have
"Morgan Taylor’s West Coast Cool is the perfect color to add a pop to your day. This rich blue pairs well with almost any color and goes on perfectly!"
- Maison, May 6, 2018
Beautiful blue!
"This blue color is so deep and durable. I've gotten tons of compliments on the color! It goes on smoothly and lasts for a week before it starts chipping."
- Sasha, May 6, 2018
Would use over top another color!!
"Would use over top another color!!"
- Sheila, May 6, 2018
So cute!
"Make a Statement is a pretty blue glitter that has a shift of purple! Love that it goes on opaque in just two coats. Usually glitter polishes need at least three!"
- Clara, May 6, 2018
Could be better
"It left brush lines."
- AJ, May 6, 2018
No chipping
"I like this polish, its very durable. Make sure that you put a top coat, it went over very nicely."
- Mae, May 6, 2018
Halloween favorite
"I used this for Halloween. The coating came out even and smooth. Morgan Taylor always has great nail polishes."
- Heather, May 6, 2018
"The color popped without needing a white base coat. I'm impressed at how well it dried as well."
- Elle, May 6, 2018