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Express Ion Round Brush - Small
Express Ion Round Brush - Small
John Paul Mitchell Systems


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  • Product Details
  • Paul Mitchell Express Ion Round Brushes reduce styling time and keeps your hair luscious.
  • How To Use
  • This brush is ideal for straightening or curling your hair. It comes in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large.
  • Features and Benefits
  • With its Express Ion Complex infused bristles and barrel, this brush helps reduce static and fly-aways while speeding up drying time and staying gentle on the hair. The corkscrew bristles hold onto hair and provide tension for a smoother finish. This brush gives you total control, and its lightweight, soft touch handle provides a comfortable and slip-free styling experience.



Love it
"I bought mine like two years ago and I use it daily in different types of hair, since I'm a hairstylist and it remains in great condition. It is lightweight and comfortable, it helds great tension, it has a great design so you don't burn yourself or the client. So whether you are a client or hairstylist, this brush is a great investment."
- Josie, May 15, 2018
"This large round brush is perfect for smoothing your hair with a lot of added volume when blow drying. I use it on almost all my clients. I love that it has an aluminum barrel that heats up when smoothing and gives a nice sleek smooth frizz-free result!"
- Breanne, May 15, 2018
Smooth Ride
"I love using these round brushes when blow-drying body into the hair because the little hexagon-shaped wholes that the tines come through allow the tines to give enough so that the hair glides around the brush without getting tangled; this helps the smooth the hair and get it shiny. The handle is easy the grip and textured so it won't slip through your hands."
- Caitlyn, May 17, 2018
Best round brush!!
"I've tried EVERY round brush searching for the perfect one and this is it! It's made very well, light weight and gives me bounce and shine with every blowouts! I don't know what makes this brush so much better than the others but it truly is the BEST!! It pairs perfectly with my PM neuro grip dryer!! Love both!!"
- Andi, May 17, 2018