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MarulaOil Rare Oil Replenishing Conditioner
MarulaOil Rare Oil Replenishing Conditioner
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Additional Information

  • Product Details
  • • Delivers intense hydration, instant detangling and a smooth, soft feel, plus the nourishment and protective power of cold-pressed marula oil.
    • Smoothes and repairs the hair surface for a shiny, flawless finish.

  • How To Use
  • Please follow the manufacturer's packaged directions

  • Features and Benefits
  • • Time-release MarulaSpheres adhere to the hair shaft and break open every time you brush or touch your hair, releasing fresh bursts of marula throughout the day.




Lusterous Locks
"Seals the cuticle to keep hair looking and feeling smooth, shiny and healthy. Perfect for curly girls with coarse hair for blow outs or natural curl!"
- Crystal, May 3, 2018
"Makes dry brittle hair feel soft and pliable"
- Sonja, May 3, 2018
"Replenishes oil in your hair without leaving it greasy. Smells great and has a good, creamy texture. Gives coarse hair a perfect smoothness."
- Kim, May 3, 2018
Leaves hair silky soft
"No more tangles. Replenishes oil in the hair without leaving it greasy."
- Kim, May 14, 2018
"Makes dry brittle hair feel soft and pliable. Hair doesn't look flat and greasy! Excellent for fine texture with wavy curls."
- Trini, May 14, 2018