Buildup Buster Miceller Water Cleansing Serum-Deva Curl


Buildup Buster Miceller Water Cleansing Serum
Buildup Buster Miceller Water Cleansing Serum
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  • Product Details
  • Buildup Buster is for anyone whose curls are feeling weighed down, dull and undefined as a result of buildup from product, hard water or environmental stressors. Even if you are a DevaCurl loyalist, it is a great way to bring the bounce back to lifeless waves and curls.
    Unlike traditional clarifying shampoos that are irritating and drying to the hair and scalp, Buildup Buster’s gentle, deep cleansing formula thoroughly removes buildup without stripping away essential moisture, while adding shine and bounce.
  • How To Use
  • - Apply this no-to-low lather cleansing serum directly to the scalp and hair targeting areas of buildup.
    - Massage with fingertips to distribute evenly throughout and break up the buildup.
    - Then rinse thoroughly by massaging to further remove buildup.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - MICELLAR TECHNOLOGY attracts dirt and product buildup like a magnet for gentle removal while maintaining moisture balance.
    - ABYSSINIAN SEED OIL moisturizes, boosts shine and protects the scalp.
    - JOJOBA ESTERS softens and conditions hair, and reduces scalp dryness so it feels soothed and moisturized.


Great Stuff!
"Does not strip away moisture from hair. Feels hydrated and moisturized. Curls are soft."
- Sharlynn, Nov 30, 2017
This is what you were looking for
"This is the product the curly hair people have been waiting for! Everyone knows that if you have curly hair, you are applying product and overtime, it can create build up. This product is applied to wet hair and replaces shampoo. It worked through and busts through the build up, removing it and resulting in a beautiful bouncy curl! I love this product and I thank Devacurl for this everyday!"
- Sherice, Mar 4, 2018