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Diamax™ Advanced
Diamax™ Advanced


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Additional Information

  • Product Details
  • NIOXIN Diamax™ Advanced adds active ingredients to an already award-winning formula.
    Reformulated with 25 percent more key thickening ingredients Diamax™ Advanced addresses clients'' concerns about thinning hair by increasing the diameter of each existing hair strand. The effect is like having 11,000 additional hair strands-instantly.
    The increase in each existing hair strand is achieved with new HTX Technology, an infusion of ingredients with extraordinary proven benefits bringing skin science to hair. By thickening each strand, the hair appears thicker and fuller immediately, for stronger, longer hair tomorrow. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • How To Use
  • - Application is quick and easy with the nozzel design.
    - On clean, damp hair, apply directly at root area to cover scalp and gently massage for one minute.
    - Comb through hair and style as usual.
  • Features and Benefits
  • NIOXIN Diamax™ Advanced works on three fronts:
    1. Volume - Instantly thickens existing hair
    2. All Day Fullness - Long-lasting visible fullness for up to 8 hours even in unruly heat and humidity
    3. Breakage - Strengthens and protects against breakage and damage, allowing existing hair to grow stronger and longer over time.
  • Ingredients
  • Diamax Advanced revolutionary HTX™ complex includes ingredients with notable benefits in skin care such as Caffeine, Panthenol and Niacinamide. The complex delivers fuller and thicker hair.
    Caffeine - Hydrates skin and restores texture
    Panthenol - A derivative of vitamin B5 that moisturizes and conditions hair
    Niacinamide - A derivative of vitamin B3 that improves skin's barrier function.


Hair Transformed
""It has thickened my hair tremendously, I actually put this in a hair treatment for my hair! It has transformed my hair completely!""
- syd, Aug 1, 2016
Genius, amazing product!
"Nioxin Intensive Therapy DiaMax is an amazing product! This product when applied at the root and pulled through to the ends of hair expands each hair strand! It is lightweight and gives no added texture to the hair leaving it fuller but still healthy and moisturized. It is recommended for daily use but can be used after every shampoo and still love the results. This product also strengthens ends preventing breakage. So it works to make hair at the root appear thicker and keeps the mid-shaft and ends fuller by preventing hair loss due to breakage. It is a genius product!"
- Emily, May 7, 2018
volume and thickness
"Noticeable volume and thickness in texture."
- Emma, May 8, 2018
great product
"First of all, hair is much more smooth than before. Hair feels more full and less fine. It's truly incredible that after just a few short days you'll see results from this product. I couldn't believe how much more volume after using the product."
- Zack, May 8, 2018
Magic in a bottle!
"Diamax, when used after every cleanse, will work like a styling product and a treatment... THICKER, FULLER hair, strand by strand - and GUYS*** IT WORKS!"
- Valerie, May 8, 2018
a must-have product for fine hair
"I have fine hair and this product is amazing. It is very easy to recommend to my fine haired clients. All I have to do is use it on them in the salon and they can feel it right away. The effects are cumulative and will only improve with use. This formula is great for fragile hair to also increase strength."
- Sandra, May 8, 2018
I use it myself
"This is my go to for my clients and myself. It thickens weightlessly. It leaves the hair smoother, fuller and in better condition without any stiffness or sticky feeling. Pro Tip - you can layer additional volumizers and foams/mousses over this product for amazing blowouts."
- Samantha, May 8, 2018